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Camp Saint Sulpice, France.  January 21, 1919.

         Dear sister,
     I will now try and answer your letter, which I received on the thirteenth of January.  There was lots of news in that letter, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I am well at the present writing, and I hope these lines will find you all well.  I have not rec'd. any letters since the thirteenth, but I am sure you folks write often, so I am looking for one most any day.  I don't know if you can make out this scribbling but I am using the bottom of my mess kit for a writing desk.  I just came off post a little while ago.

I bought a watch last night for $5.00, and I guess that's about all it's worth.  It is a French watch and I am going to keep it for a kind of a souvenir.  It is a pretty nice looking watch too.

There are lots of mademoiselles around this part of the country and some pretty ones too, but not for me. One of the bad things I can tell you about the French people is that they charge like Blixon for everything, and some of the good things I can tell is --aw--er--let me see, I can't think of any just now, but wait, I'll tell you the next time maybe.  I'm not trying very hard to fall in love with any French girl for some day I'm coming back to the states, and then there would be two broken hearts of course.

I bought some silk handkerchiefs with fancy work on it, and they are real nice ones too.  I hope to be able to bring them home.  They are hand work.  There is moving pictures at the YMCA hut nearly every night and boxing bouts on Saturday nights.  Of course I wouldn't walk 100 feet to see a fight; I don't know, maybe there is no sporting blood in me, but I do like to see a good moving picture once in a while.  A couple of the boys got a pass and went to Bordeaux this morning, and some of them have just now returned.  Well, it is nearly 9 o'clock and nearly bedtime, and I'll have to close, hoping this finds you all well, I remain,
              Your brother,  Private Chauncey D. Hauck
                                      54th Guard Company
                                       Camp Saint Sulpice,
                                       A.P.O. # 705
                                       A. E. F. -- France.

P.S. Tell the boys to write if they haven't already done so.

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