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Luthersburg, Pa.
Nov. 29, 1918.

Dear Brother:
     We received your letters were so glad to hear from you.  The one that was dated on the 3rd of Nov. came first then the next day we got the one dated on Oct. 28th. Well we are feeling fine now we all had the 'flu' but Mama. Alice had pneumonia,, she was a pretty sick girl but with the care of Dr. Fugate she pulled through all right.  Almost everybody had the flu around here.  Hope you are well and enjoying life.  We have had some wet weather here and it is getting cold.  Winter isn't so far away.  Well I suppose you know the war is over by this time.  I know you didn't know it when you wrote, it ended Nov. 11th. They had a parade in Helvetia.  They marched from Helvetia to Stanley. Lewis was riding a 22 year old mule and carried a big American flag and on his back was pined "to Hell with the Kaiser" he led the parade.  Say Chauncey we got that check you sent. A check of $50 for two months. We received them things you sent home everything was all right. I don't know whether you knew Harry Wingert was dead, he got the flu at camp and died. You know he worried a quite a bit and we think that's what was so hard on him. And Prof. Weisgarber is dead too. Well yesterday was Thanksgiving. Wes. had his girl here and Mable Thompson Alice's teacher was here, had a good time.  Wish you could of been with us. Maybe you can be with us for Christmas. Let us hope so anyways. We had a goose for dinner. Papa has 2 tormengus big carbunkles on his right arm so he could not write you know, so I am writing for him. I suppose Perry will be here on Christmas he isn't going to France, he is still in Camp Sheridan. He sent Francis a big picture of Camp Sheridan it is about 4 feet long and about 1 1/2 feet wide some picture. And another one of his Co. about 1 foot long. I could write a letter a mile long but you see these are pretty big sheets, and it would make a pretty fat letter. Well Chauncey I almost forgot to tell you we made an addition to our kitchen, in the way of a new stove it wasn't very much only $100. Well as this leaves us all well must close, Hope to see you before long.

W. S. H. will ans. your letter soon must close.  From Iva.

Notes: Iva was 16 years old when she wrote this letter. Perry Kramer and Frances were married later. W. S. H. are initials of Wesley Stephen Hauck, oldest brother.

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