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October 28, 1918   Somewhere in France

Dear mother;

     The ship in which I sailed over has arrived overseas.  I enjoyed the trip quite a bit but I was sick part of the time (seasick) but I wasn't the only one.  I didn't see any submarines nor any sharks either but I seen a number of large fishes.

     The country around here looks very beautiful and the fields are green yet.  I will not mention any dates or cities for military reasons.  I am feeling good yet and am enjoying camp life as good as the next one.  While I am writing this letter, I can hear the band playing, yes we have bands over here too, US soldiers at that.  Did you receive the things I sent home from camp Lee?  Well this is all the news I can think of at present, so will have to quit writing, hoping this finds you all well, I remain your son,

Pvt. Chauncey D. Hauck
43rd Prov. Co.
Oct.  Auto.  Repl. Draft,
I1100R -- A. E. F.

This is my address, and don't forget to write  (over)

OK James Wood 2nd Lt U.S.A.  (censor's mark)

Post Script -- On account of scarcity of envelopes I am send the two letters in one envelope.

Note:  The writing paper was furnished by the YMCA and carried their logo, "With the Colors".

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