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Manhattan, Mont. Aug 28th 1916

Dear Brother,
       Well, how is everybody around the city of Curwensville? Well, Chauncey I am in around Manhattan at the present time and I am shocking wheat, a field of about  four hundred acres. The days are hot and the nights are cool. I have not heard from home for about four weeks and I don't know what's the matter. I am getting 25 cents an hour for shocking and 10 hours a day so you see that's pretty good too. I have worked here for a week and will be here for a week or two I think. Say Chauncey, who did Willie get married to. Don't forget to tell me the next time you write. Well I am feeling fine yet so far. Threshing will soon start now I think I can make about one hundred dollars this fall for the winter. When I don't work, I stay with a fellow by the name Herman Englishman and is a duchman for his folks come holland he is a pretty nice guy probably will stay with him through the winter. Say I forgot to tell you who I was working for and his Quint (?) so you know.
      I was at the big circus show at Bozman on the 19th and it was pretty good, it is called Sells Floto and this was the only thing I was at since I am in Mont so you see I am behaving good. Well as I can't think of anything else right now I guess close up and hoping to hear from you soon. From your Brother, Wesley H.  Ans soon.

Curwensville, Pa. Nov 21, 16

Dear Father,
       I received your letter, was glad to hear from you.  You will find enclosed Money Order for $13.50. I spent three-fifty for shoes and underwear, hence the small remainder. Ralph S just told me that the moulder struck up at the yard, and that I didn't need to go out, but I think I'll work. I'm going up anyways. If they do strike and cause me to lay off,why I'll just have to stick around here so I can get my pay (Sat).
       Why I think I'll come up on the night train, I can work 6 or 7 hrs on Saturday.
       Well I'll mail this right away so you'll get it tomorrow or Thursday.
       This is all I can think of so I'll close.


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