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Camp St. Sulpice France, June 22, 1919.

        Mrs. D. W. Hauck,
       Dear mother,
       Just a few lines to you mother to let you know what is taking place over here now.  There are something like 30 men out of our company going back to the states pretty soon, not only to the states but also home. All men with class A allotments will go home, all but three men with class B allotments will go home.  Well, anyways, I have the class B allotment, you know, therefore I am one of the lucky ones.  The rest of the company will stay here in France somewhere, maybe till the first of January 1920, maybe you will wonder why they are keeping men over here, and I certainly can't say why. It seems that the commanding officer of this company wants to stay over here and of course he must have some company.  Now, we will very likely pull out of here in the course of a few days so you must not write to me until further notice.  If we go by the way of N. Y., I will likely drop you a card from there.  I am in the best of health, and am not any worse for my nine or 10 months of army life.  As for the rest of the company, I feel sorry for them, they are surely out of luck, for by all appearances, they will be over here a long time.  There will be four of us together as far as Dubois.  The four of us started at Dubois.  Well this is about all, so I will close, hoping this finds you all well, I remain, Your Son,

Private Chauncey D. Hauck

No address.

P.S. I sold my violin yesterday.

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