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Camp St. Sulpice, France, May 24, 1919.

     Dear Mother,
      Well mother, I don't know whether it is my time to write or not, but I have lots of time, so I will write a few lines.  My only trouble is that I don't know what to write anymore, news is so scarce. 

       Well I guess I get nearly all the letters from home, I received both Iva's and Francis's letters of April 28th and 30th. It is nearly supper time now and some of the fellows have went for their Chow already.  We have a colored cook in our kitchen.  He was in here just a minute ago and he said we'd have weenies, fried potatoes, and cake for supper, and a few other things.  I have not wrote to Uncle John or Uncle Gust for quite a while, and have not rec'd any letters from them either for a long time, but will try and write to them soon.

Well I don't know for sure, but I think a month or six weeks will see us on our way across, hope so anyways.  Well, I can't think of anything more to write so I will have to bring this letter to a close, so hoping to hear from you again soon, and hoping this finds you all well, I remain your son,

Private Chauncey D. Hauck,
54th Guard Company.
Camp St. Sulpice.
A.P.O. # 705

A.E.F.-- France.

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