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Camp St. Sulfice France
Friday, May 9, 1919, 3:30 P.M

     Dear mother,
     Well mother, it has been quite a spell since I last wrote so I thought I write a few lines and let you know how everything is here. I continue to have good health.  I am still doing stockade guard duty. We are using shotguns now instead of rifles, but I still have both (to take care of I mean)  it has been quite a while since I heard from you folks the last letter was from Wesley, dated March 31st, and so I am somewhat impatient to hear from home again. This is the second letter I wrote since April 10th, of course I know that I don't write as often as I should, but I don't know what to write.

I was in Bordeaux yesterday and came back with a bad headache. I was on the streets nearly all day and the son was so hot yesterday (a roaster) and consequently I got the headache.  I went to town to get some strings for my violin and I also got my pictures taken again, it will be nearly 2 weeks before I can get 'em.  What are Wesley Lois doing, and is the mines running any better now?  Now I must say again that I don't know when I will come home.  There are just about 100 theories as to when we are going back to the states, and there are just about 100 false reports circulated.

I still have hopes that we'll pull stakes and clear out of here between now and the first of August for the paper stated that the whole of the A.E.F. will be and the states by August 31, and I hope that we won't be the very last ones going back.  I go to see the movies at the Y.M.C.A. about 2 and 3 times a week.  Some of the fellows think we will go home in June, but all I can say is, whenever we come home, the folks will see us.

Well this is all the news I can't think of, so will have to close.  Hoping this find you all well, I remain Your Son, Pvt. Chauncey D. Hauck
54th Guard Company A. S. C.
A.P.0.  705  A. E. F.
Camp, St. Sulpice


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