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Camp St. Sulpice
Wed. March 12, 1919

       Dear mother,
       It rained here this morning and it has been cold all day. I was on guard four hours and I wore my overcoat, and nearly froze at that. The last couple days has been real nice weather just like summer and the people around here are starting to making garden. The land around here is quite level and would be good farming country, but it is very sandy.  The principal crop here is grapes. There are thousands of acres in grapes and the grapes are used to make drinks out of. Consequently everything in the line of foodstuffs is away up in price. Have been promoted to the rank of first private and will get a little more pay the next time. I believe they are going to get more men to fill out the company, and then maybe we will have a day off once I while. Did you folks get the allotment? I think I will keep up the insurance, for a while at least.  Did you folks get the pictures?  Well there is not as much excitement around here as there was at the front, and I haven't very much news to tell you folks that would interest you.  I wrote to Uncle Gust sometime ago. I bought myself a fountain pen the other day. It is not a very costly one, but will answer the purpose. Well I haven't got very many souvenirs yet, they ain't very plenty and hard to keep. I am well at present. The last letter was Lois's dated Feb 4th.  Well my letter is getting long and I'll have to quit, and it is suppertime, so hoping this letter finds you all well, I remain,

Your son Private Chauncey Hauck
54th guard company.
Amer P.O. # 705 -A.E.F.


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