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       I take great pride in having served in the United States Air Force from December 1949 to October 1952. Like other young men at the time, I wanted to be free from draft status after marriage, so I joined for a three year period to clear up that obligation. A one year enlistment was an option, but I had to take 3 years to receive aircraft mechanics training. 
       The reason for serving three years and eight months is because of the "Truman Year". At the onset of the Korean conflict, President Truman added one year to the three years of my enlistment. Following the close of that conflict, the extension was reduced to eight months.
       I give credit to growing up on a farm as the experience that mostly shaped my life. The Air Force comes in second in that regard. It was in the Air Force that I saw my first opportunity to do well in a class room. I doubt that I would have gone to college without that mechanical and flight engineering training, and the GI Bill.

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