Club History

      While demonstrating Sock machines at the 2005 Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock, NY, several visitors expressed an interest in the machines. Some wanted to buy a machine, others needed a machine repaired, and others simply wanted to know more about them. After finding that much interest in the sock machines, Fred Hauck invited several people to form a local club. By the end of 2006, 18 members had joined the organization. In the following years, the membership continued to grow, and eventually there were 39 members. A registration fee of $20 was charged for the first year. During that period of growth, there was no need to levy dues, as expenses were very low. A decision was then made to set the dues at $10 a year, and a few members dropped membership. In 2013 there were 33 members.
       The members enjoy meeting about once a month on the second Saturday, and they frequently give public demonstrations. Many of the new members find out about the GVSMC through the demonstrations.
       We had an attendance of 17 members in our February 2012 meeting, but occasionally as few 4 members arrive. We always enjoy the fellowship, and there are some very successful sock machine knitters in the club.

       The GVSMC , founded in 2006, serves antique knitting machine hobbyists in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding region, extending east, south and west along both sides of the Genesee River. The restoration, preservation and use of antique sock machines manufactured over one hundred years ago form the basis for the Club.
The Circular is a newsletter scheduled for publication six times a year, and is posted on our Web site.
AKC (Antique Knitters Circular) is a collection of articles pertaining to circular sock machines and related fiber arts topics.
Home Profit Master Machine was manufactured in Rochester, NY, during the early 1920s, and is featured in the GVSMC logo.