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To: Antique Knitting Machine Hobbyists
From: Fred Hauck
Antique Knitters Circular

       In January 2002, knitting machine hobbyists were invited to participate in development of the Antique Knitters Circular. The purpose of the Antique Knitters Circular was to provide a subscription type newsletter or journal that informed, entertained, and communicated matters of interest to people who collected, restored and operated antique and vintage knitting machines.
       A small group of interested people contributed articles and subscribed, but not enough interest was shown to generate a growth in circulation. Therefore, after publishing seven issues of
Antique Knitters Circular, the project was discontinued.
Those seven issues contained a wealth of information about antique knitting machines and the manner in which they were manufactured, sold and used. They have been edited and placed on the Internet for the benefit of all.