This is my LAUNCH PAD  to stories about actual personal experiences.

There are stories about my youth on a farm, memories of days in the United States Air Force, experiences at Eastman Kodak, genealogy, and fifty years in tree service.

Almost everything in my Web site is a recollection of things done in the past. At the age of 83, opps, 87, I am not very concerned about what I may do in the future, but hopefully, these reminisces will be amusing and educational to those who take time to view them. I hope especially my descendants will find them interesting. Maybe these are my memoirs. They are largely stories about my childhood, and ramble on into experiences as an adult. I am happy to include what I know about my grandfather, Daniel William Hauck, and memories of my parents, Louis and Florence Hauck, and our farm where I grew up.

The Air Force played a big roll in my life, and a lot is remembered about my time in the military, both on and off duty. Certainly, attending college affected my life dramatically, and a career in industry and operating my own tree service has generated lots of stories. Currently, my main hobby appears to be collecting antique knitting machines. Model A Ford cars have been a big part of my life.

The contents of this Web site are given topic titles to simplify navigation. Topics may be viewed in any order. I don't have a visitor's counter, so if you want me to know you were here, send me some e-mail. I have a new email address.

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.
Fred Hauck